Our Services


Our services include:

  • AFE Preparation
    • Drilling/Completion AFE’s
    • Re-Completion and Workover AFE’s
    • Special Project AFE’s
  • Drilling Supervision
    • Drilling Prognosis
    • Well location construction
    • 24-hr drilling wellsite supervision
    • Horizontal well directional plan
  • Completion Services and Supervision
    • Detailed Completion Procedures
    • Fracture Stimulation designs, modeling, and execution
    • Horizontal Multi-Stage fracturing design, modeling, and execution
    • Remedial well re-completions and workovers
    • Dual completions
    • Repair casing leaks, tubing leaks, rod parts, etc.
    • Design and install artificial lift methods
    • Coiled tubing drill-outs and operations
    • Snubbing operations
  • Production Operations
    • Manage daily well production operations and facilities including Compressors stations and Pipe Line gathering and transportation systems
    • Provide and manage contract lease operators and gaugers
    • Design and install well production facilities