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Oil & Gas Operations and Consulting, Inc., OGOC, provides contract oil and gas drilling, completion and production consulting services. OGOC contracts with highly professional, top-notch personnel including drilling consultants, completion consultants, production operation consultants, workover consultants and lease operators. All personnel are fully covered with professional liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance.

Since 2001, we have supervised a wide range of projects some starting from the well stake and continuing all the way to the sales meter and stock tank. We provide highly dependable, experienced and qualified personnel to a growing list of customers, including Samson Resources, Anadarko, Encana Plains Exploration, O'Ryan Oil & Gas and others.

David Rhodes, Owner/Manager

David Rhodes

R. David Rhodes has over 38 years of Petroleum Engineering experience focused primarily in the supervision and management of completion and production operations. He has held various engineering, management, and supervisory positions of increasing responsibility with Getty Oil Co., Texas Oil and Gas, and Marathon Oil Company. In 2001 David formed his own consulting firm, Oil & Gas Operations and Consulting, investing in and working for numerous clients both major Oil & Gas Operators as well as smaller Independent Operators such as Statoil, Encana, Plains Expl., and most recently KJ Energy to name a few. David has remained current with all the latest drilling and completion (fracturing) methods, many of which have been and/or currently being successfully executed. He is committed to professional oversight management of OGOC and the assignment of highly qualified professional consultants that best fit the specific job at hand. David holds a B. S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.

Email: drhodes@ogoc.com

Jim Abel, Engineering Consultant

Jim Abel

Jim graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from Clarkson University in 1978. Jim has 40 years of experience and started his career with BJ Hughes, now BJ Services, working on various aspects of fracturing; including product development, field implementation, and training. In 1985, Jim joined ARCO Oil & Gas Company in Dallas, Texas. He supported ARCO’s worldwide operations regarding all forms of reservoir enhancement through stimulation. This included training, design, cost management, job implementation, and quality control.  In 1990 Jim moved to Anchorage, Alaska as the group leader for the fracturing effort for all of ARCO Alaska’s producing fields. In Prudhoe Bay the fracturing program grossed 180,000 BOPD AAIOR. He also had a 2-year stint as a Project Manager for Prudhoe Bay facilities. Since moving back to the lower 48 Jim has been working in the Deep Bossier Gas play e.g. 18,000+ ft, BHTs over 375F. In recent years Jim has worked horizontal fracture designs and analysis in practically every horizontal play. (Eagleford, Marcellus, Eaglebine, Bakken, Bossier, Haynesville and Cotton Valley. Jim has been on over 1,000 fracturing treatments spanning more than 30 countries. He has co-authored eight SPE papers, holds six patents, written four technical manuals and received four ARCO worldwide awards for his contributions and mentoring.

Email: jc6abel@gmail.com

Personal consultant's bios and resumes can be provided upon request.